Tadeja Pirih

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Personal data

Gender: non-binary
Age: 36 (1982)
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Languages in which I can train: Slovene, English

In 2011 I attended my first international seminar and the same year I started working as a trainer in non formal education. Am part of Ljubljana Pride pool of trainers (since 2017) where I participate in different international projects. From 2012 until 2018 was part of International team of trainers in Kurt Löwenstein Educational centre (Germany). Have done many national and international seminars, workshops, trainings mostly for young people and young adults.

Strong areas of expertise

LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer)
feminisms and gender awarenes
youth work and non-formal education
hate speech transformation
human rights



International Study visit at Pride Parade Festival 2018 (Inclusive Erasmus+)
Title: “Competence for Inclusion in International Youth Work”
Format: residential 6 full-days study visit
Dates and Location: June 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organised by: Ljubljana Pride
My role: lead facilitator and trainer in a team of 2 trainers
References: http://www.ljubljanapride.org/en/project-view/inclusive-erasmus/, Simona Muršec

Advocacy training for LGBTIQ+ youth
Title: »Here we are! We act together.«
Format: 3 full-days training
Dates and Location: October 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organized by: Ljubljana Pride
My role: co-trainer in a team of 2 trainers
References: http://www.ljubljanapride.org/en/event/trening-zagovornistva-za-mlade-lgbtiqosebe/, Simona Muršec

International seminar Queer Easter 2016
Title: “Community accountability”
Format: residential 8 full-days seminar
Dates and Location: March 2016, Education Center Kurt Löwenstein, Werftpfuhl, Germany
Organized by: International KLH team, Education Center Kurt Löwenstein
My role: trainer in a team of 16 international trainers
Reference: http://queereaster.net/?cat=25,
https://www.kurt-loewenstein.de/de/meldungen/queer-easter-2016-we-this-together, Marie Wilpers

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