Pool of Trainers

Outside In pool of trainers is composed of skilled and motivated young trainers with diverse marginalised and minority backgrounds. They are specialised in hate speech transformation, specifically in recognising, managing and transforming hate in youth settings. Each of the trainers has expertise in a specific area or identity towards which hate speech emerges – LGBTIQ+, different abilities, religion, ethnic origin, skin colour, gender and intersectional identities/circumstances.

This pool of trainers is different, because the trainers have real life experiences of discrimination and hate speech they face, they have an intersectional view and understanding of the systems of oppression and the roots of the discrimination and hate speech.

The pool functions on international level, with its members from Portugal, Finland, Slovenia, Ireland and Scotland. It was established in 2018.

If you are interested to engage any of the pool of trainers members, please look at the diversity of profiles and feel free to contact one of the Outside In partner organisations or the trainers directly.


As a trainer I am interested about tackling systems of oppression in our societies and how transform discrimination and hate speech in our daily life. I am interested of those  who are in the room, but more eager to observe who are not there and what that tells about. I am professional Youth Worker (since 2015) and have worked as volunteer in different kind of projects, meanly peace building in various forms and LGBT+ field.


Dakota is enthusiastic educating all kind of professionals like social workers on diversity knowledge and peace skills. He puts his skill to good use by creating human connections and bringing people together.


I have been a volunteer youth leader for 5 years, and my main experience is with the Irish Red Cross Youth. For the past five years, I have also worked as a No Hate Speech Movement ambassador, focusing on online hate speech, the effects this has on young people, and how to counter this. For the past year, I have been involved with the Outside In, Transforming Hate project, and am a trainer for this project with the Irish team.


Team leader for Rialto Youth Project since 2011. http://rialtoyouthproject.net/ Youth Worker since 2009. Masters in Child, Family and Community studies. Continuing to appraoch work and life through a social justices lens, insisting on addressing issues of inequality and exclusion in community and society.


In 2011 I attended my first international seminar and the same year I started working as a trainer in non formal education. Am part of Ljubljana Pride pool of trainers (since 2017) where I participate in different international projects. From 2012 until 2018 was part of International team of trainers in Kurt Löwenstein Educational centre (Germany). Have done many national and international seminars, workshops, trainings mostly for young people and young adults.


Since 2015, I have been gaining experience in informal education, and creating workshops mainly about LGBTQ+ topics, and marginalized groups. In september 2018 I also graduated from Faculty of Education, Ljubljana, and by profession I am a Fine arts educator.


As a trainer I am interested in addressing structural inequalities and systems of oppression in society and their influence on our daily lives, as well as addressing them directly in the group I’m working with and providing a safe space for everyone. I am interested in implementing anti-capitalist values in my work and in using art as a tool in non-formal education.


In the past two years I joined two projects that allowed me to learn and get experience in creating, leading and facilitating workshops for either young or adult groups of people. I also attended some trainings and educational events that helped me to develop more as a young trainer.


Mateja has a strong interest in working with different marginalised groups and had acquired diverse knowledge through participating and organising different activities that mobilise young people and change. Strong promoteur of volunteering.


In 2010 I’ve started to expand my work in sexuality connecting to human rights and LGBTQIA+ activism. With my own project, i started making workshops and open sessions and discussions with young people, young adults and other activist and social workers. It was with outside in project that I expanded my work to non formal education, gathering more tools and knowlegde that allow me to continue a work of passion in educating for transformation and for possibilities of acting and engaging in a world inclusive of every body, capability and encounter. From 2018 I’ve been doing workshops not only in sex-education, but also in hate-speech, intersectionality and creating change.


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