Karen Power

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Personal data

Location: Ireland
Languages: English

I’m a qualified youth worker in Ireland, I’ve a Bachelor of Arts degree in youth & community work. I’m a facilitator for Outside in trainings with the Irish team. Working in youth sector for almost 3 years. Possible facilitator for Status (supporting young travellers advance through universal services) toolkit in Ireland.

Strong areas of expertise

-Youth work & working with young people
-Hate speech transformation (Outside in)
-Empathic listening
-Disconnecting language
-Tree of needs
-Restorative practice
– Irish Travelling community
– Discrimination against Irish travelling community

Super Powers: Invulnerability + Immortality + Being myself



International Training of trainers in Hate Speech Transformation
Outside In
Format: Residential 6 full-days training course
Dates and Location: September 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia/ December 2017, Portugal, October 2018, Portugal
Organised by: Ljubljana Pride, National Youth Counsil of Ireland, Bloom, Peace Educations Institute and Interfaith Scotland
My role: participant in a team of 4 trainers on the Irish team
Reference: Simona Mursec – smursec(at)gmail.com


Amel Yacef, Mentor

Email – amel.ccrys(at)gmail.com


Dannielle McKenna, Co- trainer / Participant

Email – dhhc(at)rialtoyouthproject.net

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