Julianna Brandt

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Personal data

Gender: Woman
Age: 24
Location: Tampere, Finland

I can train in Finnish and in English

I have the voice that you will not forget, not because how I sound but also because what I will say to you. I have a lot courage to go deeper into different challenging topics and raise awareness of structures that are not so visible in our societies yet. You can see my enthusiam from far away and feel that I’m very approachable person.

Strong areas of expertise

Knowledge about hate speech transformation, non-formal education, peace education and intersectionality in many levels. My superpower is to know a lot about different abilities and raise awareness of ableism. Also I know a lot about LGBT+ community stuff and how these can relate to for example in different abilities.



International Training of trainers in Hate Speech Transformation
Outside In-project
Format: 5 full-days training course
Dates and Location: September 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia/ December 2017, Portugal, October 2018, Portugal
Organised by: Ljubljana Pride, National Youth Counsil of Ireland, Bloom, Peace Educations Institute and Interfaith Scotland
My role: participant in my journey to become trainer
Reference link: transforminghate.eu
Contact person: Riikka Jalonen, riikka.jalonen@rauhankasvatusintituutti.fi

International Training of social inclusion and intersectionality Identity Maze
Format: 7 full-days training course
Dates and Location: September 2018, Ljubljana and Ribnica, Slovenia
Organised by: Drustvo za kulturo inkluzije
My role: participant
Reference link: coming, because we are building website
Contact person: Eva Jus, eva.jus@gmail.com

Peace Education Winter School
Format: 2 full- days of training course
Dates and Location: March 2018, Pärnu, Estonia
Organised by: Peace Education Institute
My role: participant
Contact person: Hanna Niittymäki, hanna.niittymaki@rauhankasvatusinstituutti.fi

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