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On this platform, you will find a practice manual, an accompanying resource guide, a glossary of useful and relevant terms, as well as the profiles and stories of the pool of trainers. They have all been created through Outside In – a two-year project on recognising, managing, and transforming hate speech in European youth work settings.


You are most welcome to join us on our journey of uniting expertise and transforming hate!

“Outside In – Transforming Hate” is a two-year project which ran from 2017-2018 and aimed at making youth work in Europe more inclusive. Over the two years, five partner organisations from Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland, and Slovenia, co-created a European network of trainers and experts that can provide quality trainings and tools for youth workers to recognise, manage, and transform hateful speech and behaviour in their everyday work with young people.

A unique aspect of this project is that this new network of trainers consists of  youth workers and equality experts from the five countries who mainly belong to minority and marginalised groups themselves; groups which are often talked about but are under-represented in international youth work training structures and pool of experts.

These youth workers and equality experts underwent an intensive training-of-trainers programme, which included three residential trainings (one in Slovenia, two in Portugal), transnational knowledge exchange, local mentoring support, and opportunities to practice and develop their training skills. As a result, they have gained knowledge and experience of inclusive youth work and have the competence to provide other youth workers with the tools, methods, and approaches to tackle hateful speech and behaviour constructively.

In addition, as an outcome of their training, this same team of trainers have also co-created a practice manual for other youth workers, which you will find on this platform. The practice manual seeks to answer some of the most perplexing needs of youth workers in today’s Europe – how to provide a safer space for all youths and how to enable long-term change among youths with discriminatory attitudes and behaviour.

Youth workers trained in 2018

About accessibility of this platform

This platform is designed to be accessible also for users with different abilities. For example people with low-vision or hard of hearing, people who have learning difficulties or colour-blindness. Why? Because accessibility benefits all, not only people with different abilities. As equality experts and youth workers in that field we want to honour diversity of course also in accessibility level. We want to be one of the vanguards to show how you can make your web communication more accessible, and that you can search these solutions from other webpages. The platform contains many accessibility tools like keyboard navigation, contrast tool, image descriptions and alt- texts.


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Carmo Gê Pereira
Liban Sheikh

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