Filip Vurnik

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Personal data

Age: 24,
Location: Ljubljana (Slovenia)
I can train in slovene and english.

Since 2015, I have been gaining experience in informal education, and creating workshops mainly about LGBTQ+ topics, and marginalized groups. In september 2018 I also graduated from Faculty of Education, Ljubljana, and by profession I am a Fine arts educator.

Strong areas of expertise

I mostly focus on delivering LGBTQ+ themed workshops for other LGBTQ+ persons or/and youth workers/people that are not a part of the community. I also have experience in delivering workshops on privilege, raising awareness on other marginalized groups, and trying to expose the importance of intersectionality.



International Training of Trainers on Transforming hate Speech Outside In
6 full days training course
Dates and location: 24th – 30th September 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organised by: Ljubljana Pride, Bloom, Interfaith Scotland, Rauhankasvatus Institute, National Youth council Ireland
My role: participant
Reference: Contact person: Simona Muršec

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