Dakota Demirbas
Finland, based in London UK

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Personal data

Age: 27
Location: London
Language: English and Finnish

Dakota is enthusiastic educating all kind of professionals like social workers on diversity knowledge and peace skills. He puts his skill to good use by creating human connections and bringing people together.

Strong areas of expertise

Diversity skills
Building human connections and teamwork
Hate Speech transformation
Eating disorders
Sexual and gender minorities


Identity maze

  • The main aim is to bring together youth workers, educators and other actors who work in various fields with youth groups who experience marginalization and social exclusion in different ways.
  • We hope to develop is a comprehensive and intersectional view on how those who work with young people can be sensitive to different identities and forms of exclusion in order to develop a better approach to our endeavours of inclusion.

Format: residential 8 full- days training course
Dates and Location: September 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organised by: Društvo za kulturo inkluzije
My role: Participant
Reference: http://www.drustvozakulturoinkluzije.eu/   Eva Jus                   eva.jus(at)gmail.com

Recognize, manage and transform Hate with youth workers.
Format:   residential 6 full-days training course
Dates and Location:   September 2017, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Organized by: The Peace Education Institute
My role:   Participant
Reference:   https://rauhankasvatus.fi/en/institute/ Riikka Jalonen riikka.jalonen(at)rauhankasvatus.fi

Sukupuolen moninaisuus – gender diversity
Title: Recognize gender diversity and school visits trainers
Format: weekend full- days training course
Dates and Location: August 2017, Helsinki, Finland
Organized by: Seta ry
My role: Participant
Reference: https://seta.fi/ Marita Karvinen Marita.Karvinen(at)seta.fi

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