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Hate Speech is an experienced reality across Europe and while efforts have been taken to address online hate speech and programmes and training developed to combat youth radicalization, gaps remains in relation to how do youth workers actively address and transform hate speech in a safe and transformative way within their working youth spaces.

The Outside-In project seeks to address this gap in an innovative way, bringing together a diverse group of participants from five European countries (list) all of whom have experienced or worked directly in confronting various hate speech issues within their national contexts.

The slogan “Nothing About Us Without Us!” is used to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided by any representative without the full and direct participation of members of the group’s) affected by that policy. And the Outside-In adopts this principle for youth training in the effort to combat hate speech.

The project seeks to develop a European network of trainers and experts who can provide quality trainings and tools for other youth workers to allow them to recognize, manage and transform hate speech in their everyday work with young people.

Participant will form a new pool of trainers made up of youth workers and equality professionals belonging to minority or marginalised groups who until now have been under-presented in international and national youth work training structures and pool of experts.

While this diverse group of participants actively want to use their own lived experiences, determination and belief in equality to make their communities better and support other youth workers gain and develop their skills and confidence to tackle hate speech in their working spaces.

Text: Danielle Bonner

People are standing on group, Everyone is looking each other and smiling.
Julianna and another participant are looking carefully session outlines of different country teams.
Participant is explaining something about methodologies.

Interviewed by Danielle Bonner and Heli Pekkonen.



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